World Mission Society Church of God delivers Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother’s Love in Germany, too.

News – Blood Drive

Newspaper : Berliner Woche (Germany)           Date : 07-03-2012

Eric Lehmann is helping Laura Rein from Church of God for blood drive.


When the members from World Mission Society Church of God conduct the campaign on Wexstrasse 27, it leads to the following worldwide activities.

It is same on 11th Mar. when the street cleanup campaign is held in around 1900 cities in 150 countries worldwide. The cleanup campaign held in Rotes Rathaus last year is to be carried out again in the neighboring areas in Rotes Rathaus. Anyone who would like to join this even can come to Hackescher Market train station by 1 p.m.

Moreover, World Mission Society Church of God is actively participating in the blood drive across the world. For the first time in Germany, the church’s blood drive campaign was carried out led by Church of God in Wilmersdorf.

On 30th, Jan. around 60 citizens visited Haema blood drive center in Wilmersdorf and joined the blood drive. By accepting the offer of Daniel Bahr, the Minister of Health and Welfare from FDP, appealing more blood donations, the church is also expected to implement the blood drive campaign in April. Deacon Julian George explained the blood drive metaphorically, saying “2000 years ago, Jesus Christ gave us the eternal life by His blood shedding on the cross. We can save others through the blood we donate.”

On that evening, the activity of church members attracted many citizens’ interest and they even participated in this campaign voluntarily like Wilhelm Gebelein.

Pastor Lee Byeong-ho expressed his thanks beside the campaign car. There were many church members who participated in this event for the first time in their lives like Laura Rein. With a smiling face, Laura Rein helped Eric Lemann from Haema get the injection.

With a flushed face with excitement, Conrad Strathausen, a theology student who first participated in this event said, “God did not hesitate to shed His blood for us and neither do I.” The Church is expected to donate the blood donor card as well as compensation for the public.

World Mission Society Church of God was established by Christ Ahnsahnghong in Korea in 1964. Currently, there are around 2000 churches in approximately 150 countries with about 1.6 million registered members. Through the charity concert for the earthquake victims in Haiti, they were attracted by the public and they also have donated around $100000 to UN.

Since then, World Mission Society Church of God has been keeping the mutual cooperative ties with UN. In 2011, US President Barak Obama awarded the church a prize in recognition of its contribution to the society.


9 thoughts on “World Mission Society Church of God delivers Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother’s Love in Germany, too.

  1. In the love of Elohim God, everyone in the world is my family after all.
    Therefore, I am so happy for being able to save lives thru this blood donation campaign and delivering the love of Elohim God to them.

  2. Approximately 150 countries with about 1.6 million!
    Do you know the reason why they are trying this campaign?
    This campaign contains very important message to you.
    Come to WMSCOG, and check it!

  3. by being participation of the drive blood, member of the world mission society church of God try to share the love of Elohim to people who need help from Christ ahnsahnghong and Heavenly mother
    I’m too
    Do you wanna join us?

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  5. As God gave us his blood to save us, so we members of church of God are donating blood to save many people who are suffering from shortage of blood. This is the example of Christ.

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